Farmer leader arrested in Delhi with drugs worth Rs 1 crore

New Delhi: Drugs have been recovered from outside a farmhouse in the Ghitorni area of the South District of the national capital. A drug worth about Rs 1 crore has been recovered from a mini truck here. Police have also arrested two accused. Police have learnt that there is no one else to supply drugs but a farmer leader Ranjit Raina.

According to reports, 9.5 kg of drugs has been recovered from the spot. The price of these drugs in the international market is around Rs 1 crore. The first accused in the case has been identified as Ranjit Raina, 51, who described himself as a farmer leader. Ranjit describes himself as the President of the Haryana Agro-Forestry Farmers Association. The second accused, 36-year-old Gulshan Kumar, is a resident of the Kurukshetra district of Haryana. According to police information, the two accused were arrested while leaving a farmhouse. The farmhouse is also under investigation. Police may also interrogate the owner of the farmhouse

DCP Benita Mary Jacker said that the input of a drug smuggler was found near a farmhouse in the Ghitorni area on November 30. The team was formed on the basis of information. The team went on a search around the farmhouse in the Ghitorni area. Meanwhile, a car was seen coming. When the police personnel signalled him to stop, he took the car faster and started running away instead of stopping. Police personnel chased and nabbed them. Police have recovered 9.5 kg of hashish from the car during the search.

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