Grandfather raped 3-year-old innocent, arrested

Nov 15 2019 02:00 PM
Grandfather raped 3-year-old innocent, arrested

A case has come up recently from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. In this case, a minor girl has been raped. According to reports, the man who raped the minor girl is said to be her grandfather. In this case, the police have given this information on Wednesday and they say that this case is from Bhairavapatnam village of Vijayawada, from where the accused has been arrested. In this case, it is being said, "The victim's parents work as daily wage laborers and the parents of the 3-year-old girl went out of their house on Tuesday. At that time, after finding the girl alone at home, her grandfather came to her house. At the same time, he called the girl by luring her with chocolate and carried out the rape incident with her.

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In this case, the police further said, 'The girl did not know what happened to her but later when the girl's parents came back from work, the innocent victim told them about her tragedy and she told her parents. First, she complained of stomach ache, after this, when her parents asked her that she had eaten something wrong or if something had happened to her, she disclose everything.

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In this case, the parents of the girl told the police on Wednesday, after which the police have registered a case against the 58-year-old accused person under Section 8 of the Posco Act. Now the police say that soon the accused will be produced in the court.

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