Tripura man arrested for killing 5 including minor daughters

Agartala: At Ramachandraghat in Khowai, Tripura, a man killed five people, including his two daughters. A police officer was among those killed in the incident. The incident was reported to the police on Saturday. The accused, on the other hand, was apprehended with the aid of locals. On the other side, the cops had to work extra hard to keep the criminals safe from the enraged crowd. Meanwhile, two persons were hurt, one of them is in serious condition.

On Friday, the accused, Pradeep Debroy, was said to be out of control. Meanwhile, he murdered another 7-year-old girl and her two kids. Debroy allegedly assaulted and hurt Meena Paul, his wife. When the accused's older brother, Prabir, tried to stop him, Pradeep struck him in the head, killing his brother on the spot.


Pradeep began roaming the area with a sharp weapon, according to the information gathered. He came to a halt on the road, his gaze falling on the auto rickshaw. Pradeep began hitting the occupants in the rickshaw, murdering Krishna Das, 54, in the process. Das's son was critically hurt in the event as well. To keep the calm in the region, more police officers have been deployed.

They arrived there on the suggestion of the villagers, led by Satyajit Malik of the Khowai police station. When Pradeep saw the cops, he struck Malik, injuring him severely and caused him to pass out. During the arrest of Pradeep, another police officer was hurt. Malik was taken to Agartala Government Medical College after succumbing to his injuries at a local hospital. Things had gotten out of hand to the point that neighbours had barricaded themselves in their homes out of terror. People eventually caught him watching the scenario deteriorate. Pradeep is a little businessman, according to his neighbours, and he is used to using ganja. He was also suffering from depression at the time. Due to a lack of job, he had been at home for a few days, and his family was in financial distress. He was enraged following a quarrel with his wife about family issues.

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