'When the team needs, you get out...', what did Kapil Dev say about Kohli-Rohit?
'When the team needs, you get out...', what did Kapil Dev say about Kohli-Rohit?

New Delhi: After the end of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2022), everyone's eyes are now on the upcoming T20 series against South Africa. But in this series, Team India's top-2 batsmen i.e. Captain Rohit Sharma and former captain Virat Kohli are not playing, but KL Rahul will be taking over the reins of the team. Meanwhile, now Team India's world-winning captain Kapil Dev has raised a big question on Team India's top-3 form. 

Kapil Dev says that the reputation of these three players of the Indian team is at stake, all three are under pressure, but this should not be a matter of concern. You have to play cricket without fear, these three players are the ones who can score runs at a strike rate of 150-160. Kapil Dev further said that whenever there is a need to score runs, they get out. Whenever the innings have to be speeded up, they get out. That's why the pressure on the team increases, you either play the role of a striker or stay in the anchor role.

The former captain also expressed his opinion about KL Rahul, saying that things need to be clear about his role. If the team tells them that you have to play 20 overs and you come out unbeaten on 60 later, you are not doing right. You have to change your approach, if that doesn't happen, then the player will have to change. 

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