50-year-old man hanged himself after considering viral fever as coronavirus

Feb 12 2020 04:20 PM
50-year-old man hanged himself after considering viral fever as coronavirus

These days, people are living in fear of coronavirus and everyone is busy protecting themselves. People are afraid and all are considering it as a serious disease. The case that has come up today is from Hyderabad. Where a 50-year-old man had viral fever, In this case, family members said that he took such a step to protect his wife and children from infection.

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When Bala Krishnahad got a viral fever, people advised him to get the corona virus tested. At the same time, he reached near the tomb of the mother and Krishnahad killed himself by hanging himself from a tree near the tomb. In this case, the neighbors opened the door of the house on the noise of the family members and when the relatives went to the tomb while searching, they found Krishnahad hanging. In this case, information was given to the police and the police questioned the family members. After calling the doctor, Krishnahd was examined and after examination, the doctor said that 'no symptoms of the corona were found in him. He was suffering from a common viral fever.

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In this case, the doctor made people aware and said that 'No case of the corona has been reported in Hyderabad yet. Do not take such steps, consult a doctor and get the right treatment. '

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