MP: Kickings were happening outside the temple

Shivpuri: Seeing something happened in Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh, people were blown away. Yes, there was a lot of uproar in the marriage being held in a temple here. It is being told that the bride and groom were taking rounds in the temple on Monday, but in the meantime kicking and punching started going on outside. The reason for this uproar was that the girl was getting married for the second time. Yes and her first husband was in jail. As soon as this news came to the boy's uncle, he reached to stop the marriage. After that, some people from the groom's side felt bad about this thing and they beat up the uncle fiercely.

After this uproar, the people of the groom's side took the bride away. On the other hand, the aggrieved party has registered a case against the accused in this case. This whole matter is being told of Karaira area of ​​Shivpuri district. According to the information received, Akhilesh Parihar, a resident of Dongri village of Jhansi district in UP, had an affair with a minor girl from the village itself. Last year, he got married after running away with the girl, after which the girl's parents lodged a complaint with the police station. At the same time, as soon as both of them returned to the village, the boy was sent to jail by the police in the case of kidnapping due to the girl being a minor.

Now Akhilesh is in jail for 8 months. At the same time, the girls decided on seeing the other boy and fixed the daughter's marriage. On Monday, a secret wedding was being held at the temple, but in the meantime, Akhilesh's family reached the spot. They started trying to stop the marriage by telling the bride as daughter-in-law and sister-in-law, but on seeing the bride's brother and Akhilesh's brothers got into a dispute. The dispute increased so much that the temple went around and kicked and punched outside. Now the police has started searching for the accused in this case.

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