Bhopal: Assault with a young couple, pulled off girl's burqa

Bhopal: A case in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is currently going viral on social media. As part of the information received in the case, some people were misbehaving with the youth. The case is said to be from Islamnagar at Itkhedi police station in Bhopal. As part of the information received in the case, some people objected to the young woman wearing a burqa and continued to pressure her to take off the burqa. The entire incident is said to have taken place last Saturday.

Regarding the case, Additional SP Dinesh Kaushal said, "Two persons have been arrested for the time being in the case.'' As part of the information received about the incident, the youth had gone for a walk to Islamnagar in the Itkhedi police station area. The young woman was wearing a burqa here but the two were stopped by some people, including women while passing through Islam.

After that, the young men and women started misbehaving and pressurising the girl to take off the burqa. In the meantime, the boy was explaining to them, but in the meantime, a woman comes from behind and pulls the girl's burqa and the girl's face begins to appear. However, the girl tries to hide behind the boy who accompanied her, and the young woman seems to be extremely nervous about the whole incident. She starts crying. That's where her partner tries to support him. Police have arrested 2 persons in the case and further action is on.

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