MP: Shopkeeper beaten to death for asking cigarette money

Shahdol: A shocking case has recently come to light from Shahdol in Madhya Pradesh. In fact, it was fatal for a shopkeeper to ask customers for cigarette money. The customers were reportedly drunk and the accused beat the shopkeeper to death. Police have arrested 3 murder accused in the case but one is still absconding. In this case, says Bhavishya Bhaskar, a resident of MPEB colony in Deolond police station area of Shahdol district, Pappu Soni had a small grocery store.

On Friday night, youths named Monu Khan, Pankaj Baishya, Virat Singh, Sandeep Singh came to the shop and first took cigarettes and refused to pay the cigarette money in a dispute when it was time to pay. A dispute broke out between shopkeeper Pappu Soni and the accused over the same issue. Soon the accused started beating the shopkeeper badly amidst the controversy.

Meanwhile, the family members of the shopkeeper came after hearing the noise but by then the accused had fled. After all this, shopkeeper Pappu Soni was taken to the hospital for treatment in a critical condition. Here Pappu Soni succumbed to his injuries. As soon as the incident was reported, The Deolond police registered a case of murder against the four accused and arrested Virat Singh, Sandeep Singh and Pankaj Baishya. However, the fourth accused Monu Khan is still absconding. Police say they are looking for the accused in the case. Police have also announced a reward of 10,000 rupees on absconding Monu Khan.

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