Habibur Khan arrested for forcibly kissing girls

Feb 08 2020 03:10 PM
Habibur Khan arrested for forcibly kissing girls

New Delhi: Mumbai Railway Police arrested a youth named Rajiur Habibur Khan on Thursday. He is accused of molesting women and women on the railway bridge at Matunga. But surprisingly, no one has filed a complaint against him yet. The police arrested him for the charge of theft. After which the matter of molestation incidents was revealed.

According to media reports, now the police is urging women to come forward to register a complaint against the accused. Police have also assured the women that they will not reveal their identity, urging them. Police has said that if a woman does not come to register a complaint against Khan, then she will adopt any other legal way to file a complaint against him.

According to the information, this action of Khan has been captured in the CCTV camera. The video shows how he is kissing and touching the women passing by. The police came to know about the first case on 25 January. CCTV footage shows how he molests women. It is seen that he approaches the women and kisses them and then runs away from the spot.

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