Team India Aced the Kiwis on the fourth day of the final test
Team India Aced the Kiwis on the fourth day of the final test

A CLEAN SWEEP! Team India got their rank back to no.1 in the second test of Eden Garden, but they proved themselves the mightiest as India shuttled the Kiwis down to earth in their third and final test in Indore. The match started with a high tone and the fantastic performance by the spinner Ashwin who took 6 major wickets of the New Zealanders led them to all out with a trailing score of about 250 runs.

The marvelous double century of the well deserved Indian Skipper, Virat Kohli and his fellow coordinator, Ajinkya Rahane’s beautiful 188 in the first inning gave a boost start to the hosts and a fear to the guest.

The match was hence concluded only on the fourth day of the match on the occasion of Dussehra. The Indore crowd embezzled the stadium with their humongous support. The last inning by the Indians was also declared with a total score of 474 (258 of 1st inning + 216 of 2nd inning). The kiwis had enough time to win over such a total, but again the Indian spinner and fast bowlers stopped them right there and hence New Zealand were summoned with a score of mere 153 runs and lost the match with a trail of 321.

Virat Kohli said in the conference that such performance would be carried throughout b the team as they are in a great form and keenly wait for the next series that are coming up.

Kangana captured herself boldly with GQ;must see !

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