The bride who went to the parlor for make-up did not return..., the barati kept dancing at the door and then..."

Indore: The procession that came to Indore from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh had to return without a bride. This case is from Indore. Actually, the procession arrived at the bride's house while dancing and singing in the procession from Ujjain, but the bride, who had gone to the beauty parlor for makeup, suddenly disappeared. The relatives have lodged a missing complaint of the bride. It is also being said that the bride eloped with a young man.

A procession had come from Ujjain on Jail Road of MG Road police station area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndore. During this the procession was standing at the door, but the bride disappeared before coming to the wedding pavilion. In films, the bride would often be seen running away from the pavilion, but the bride who went here asking to go to the beauty parlor did not return. For a long time, the family members had hidden the information about the disappearance of the bride from the groom's side. After the disappearance of the bride, the family members have lodged a complaint in the police station. At the same time, the groom's relatives had also reached the police station, where the groom, wearing a dagger in his hand and a turban suit boot on his head, was complaining about the missing of his bride.

The groom, who was going to take rounds with the bride, stood on the doorstep of the police station till late night. The people of the groom's family have given an application to the police station, so that they do not face any kind of problem in this incident. Police have been informed. At the same time, the report of the disappearance of the bride has been filed by the relatives in the police station Annapurna.

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