deadly coronavirus is spreading because of snakes, research revealed this
deadly coronavirus is spreading because of snakes, research revealed this

Beijing: Snakes may be the source for the havoc of deadly infectious respiratory disease spread by coronavirus (2019-NCOV) in China. A latest research has revealed this. Research has given information about a possible root source of viral pneumonia outbreaks in China. It started in China in mid-December and now the virus is spreading in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Japan.

Giving information from researchers at Wuhan University in China, it is reported that, "The results from our evolutionary analysis suggest for the first time that the snake is the most likely wildlife for 2019-NCOV infection." Researchers have reported that, "The new information from our evolutionary analysis is very important in effective control over the havoc of 2019-NCOV, which causes pneumonia."

Giving information in the research, it is reported that the patients who were infected with the virus came in contact with wildlife in a wholesale market where seafood, poultry, snakes, bats and farm animals were sold. This patient came in contact with the coronavirus here. WHO has named this virus as '2019-NCOV'. Let us tell you that, so far 25 people have died in China due to this virus.

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