'Your sins will be washed away after taking a bath,' said maulvi after raping 18-year-old girl

Kochi: A young woman who converted to Islam at the Kozhikode Mukhdar Tarbiathul Islamic Centre in Kerala has made shocking revelations about the madrasa. The woman has accused the centre chief of harassing and sexually abusing women and girls on the pretext of 'teaching' Islam. In an interview with a TV channel, the woman said that a large number of girls have been sexually abused by the islamic madarsa. The woman compared the Centre to the jail and said that women and girls are banned from leaving religious madrasas.

According to the woman, the Muslim cleric, the head of the centre, raped an 18-19-year-old girl one day. The girl was then told that all her sins would be forgiven after taking a bath. Explaining how she came to know about the incident, the woman said that it was the victim who shared the ordeal with her. The woman said the victim's family took her away the same day. The woman explained how Muslim clerics targeted vulnerable and helpless women and girls to join the religious centre and then subjected them to unbearable atrocities. Women and girls were misled to join the madrassa on the pretext of paying for accommodation and their expenses for living.

The woman said the girls were asked to stay at the centre for 40 days. During this time, the head of the madrasa spent time personally with each of them. The woman revealed that the cleric went to the girls' room and tortured them and sexually abused them. Talking about the sexual assault committed to a 19-year-old girl, the woman said that the incident took place on June 8, but no official complaint was lodged with the police as the girl was allegedly threatened by the criminal against reporting the incident to the police.

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